Aging in Place

The Benefits of Aging in Place


The facts speak for themselves: an overwhelming majority of today’s aging adults would prefer to age in place at home rather than facing a move to a nursing home or assisted living facility. And that’s certainly understandable. The benefits of aging in place are many. Professional senior in-home care allows seniors to experience a continued sense of safety and security in the comfort and familiarity of their own home and community. When frailness and other conditions of aging raise questions about a senior’s ability to remain safely at home, professional home care agencies, like San Diego Home Caregivers, provide a viable solution.

Below are some of the top ways that professional senior care services can positively impact the lives of seniors:

  1. In general, home care leads to an overall higher satisfaction with life.
  2. Home care services enhance dignity, independence and comfort for seniors.
  3. Home care fosters healing. Research has shown that patients heal faster at home versus a hospital or nursing home setting with a significantly reduced chance of re-hospitalization during recuperation.
  4. Home care supports families, allowing them to stay more involved with their senior loved one’s care.
  5. Home care provides personalized care that meets the unique needs of the family and senior.
  6. Home care services are provided on a one-on-one basis, ensuring more personalized attention than in a nursing home or a facility. Seniors never have to wait their turn when care is needed.
  7. An in-home caregiver can plan and prepare healthy and delicious meals that are appealing to the older individual and can also monitor the amount of food consumed.
  8. An individualized exercise routine can be implemented and followed through, with the additional benefit of a qualified professional being on hand.
  9. The benefits of the familiarity of home are countless, from the ability to relax in a favorite chair to the peace that comes from enjoying a daily cup of tea in a familiar spot, and so much more.
  10. Home caregivers can provide safe, reliable transportation and accompaniment to and from appointments, social activities and outings, running errands, and more, allowing families more free time together as well as enhanced peace of mind.

San Diego Home Caregivers provides individualized home care services that meet each senior’s unique needs, allowing them to remain safe and well, right in the comfort of home. Contact us at (619) 487-9000 to learn more about the benefits of aging in place and our in-home care in La Mesa and the surrounding areas. For a full list of all of the communities where we provide care, please visit our Communities Served page.