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Friday Dec 14, 2018
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Home Care Background Checks

Thursday, June 12th, 2014 3:54 pm | by San Diego Home Caregivers

San Diego, CA - With home care agencies in San Diego, there are no requirements that in-home caregivers undergo any kind of background check before providing in-home care to individuals in need of assistance at home. Only a patchwork of protections are in place. “State requirements for background checks vary in terms of what sources of information must be checked, which job positions require background checks and what types of convictions prohibit employment,” Brian P. Ritchie, acting deputy inspector general for evaluation and inspections, wrote in his new report. Currently, federal law does not require background checks or bar workers with criminal records or a history of abuse from working in the home health industry, the report said. Investigators asked officials in all 50 states and the District of Columbia if they require home health agencies to conduct pre-employment or periodic background checks on workers and if any criminal convictions disqualify applicants from employment. In cases where some level of screening is mandated, only 15 states require checks to be completed before employment commences and just as many states have systems in place for periodic checks of existing workers. Currently, California does not require background checks for non-medical in-home caregivers. They do require background checks for skilled nursing care. To find out more about the differences between non-medical home care and skilled nursing, please visit http://www.sandiegohomehealthcare.com. Rules in 35 states bar individuals with specific convictions from becoming home health workers but differ on which offenses disqualify prospective employees. Of the states that reported having no background check requirements, officials in four states — Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii and West Virginia — told investigators that they plan to implement such safeguards. When hiring through an agency in San Diego, ask for details on the background checks performed on their caregivers. Home Care can be overwhelming and background checks may be overlooked. Many home care agencies here in San Diego perform comprehensive background checks and a few questions when researching will help as an initial screen for the right agency.
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