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Friday Dec 14, 2018
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Home Care Aides Registry

Friday, January 15th, 2016 4:26 pm | by San Diego Home Caregivers

New California Registry of Qualified Caregivers (“Home Care Aides”):

Effective January 1st of 2016, the State of California has put into effect California Assembly Bill 782, The Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act (HCSCPA). This created a new Home Care Services Bureau that will establish a registry that lists all applicants who have met the requirements to be registered as a Home Care Aide. For an overview of this Act, please visit: http://www.ccld.ca.gov/PG3654.htm. Registration requires a background examination, including submission of fingerprints, a declaration regarding prior criminal convictions, evidence that the Home Care Aide can comply with the requirements of the law and is of “reputable and responsible character,” disclosure of any prior revocation or disciplinary action against the home care aide applicant, and a signed statement that the applicant has read and understood both the HCSCPA and other rules and regulations enacted under that statue.

The California Department of Justice will use fingerprints supplied by the applicant to conduct a background check. A person is ineligible to be listed on the registry if the person “has been convicted of a crime, or other than a minor traffic infraction” without an exemption issued by the Director of the State Department of Social Services. If a person is notified that he/she is ineligible, the person may submit an exemption request to the Bureau so long as none of the crimes are ineligible for exemption. As you can see, there will be high standards used for acceptance of caregivers on this registry. For more details on the background check process, please visit: http://www.ccld.ca.gov/PG404.htm.

All Home Care Aides employed by home care agencies are required to register. Individuals who are hired privately by families to provide home care services independently and not through an agency have the option of applying personally for listing on the registry. However, they are not required to do so and may be hired privately without registering.

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