San Diego Senior Home Care: Know the Elder Abuse Risk Factors for Older Adults

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Helping older adults continue being independent, healthy, and happy is the aim of not only our professional senior care team, but of each and every family caregiver who has ever helped care for a loved one. Since the wellbeing of older adults is so important to us, it’s vital that we review something that can be tough for many of us to even look into – elder abuse.

The CDC estimates that nearly 500,000 older adults are neglected or abused annually in the U.S. alone. However, many more elder abuse cases are believed to go unreported each year, which is why it’s important for family caregivers to be alert to potential abuse risks.

Following are a few of the risk factors associated with elder abuse:

  • Reliance on others: Seniors who depend on others for care are typically not willing to mention any abuse because they may feel unsafe or that their care needs will not be able to be met by somebody else if the abuser is reported.
  • Reduced physical health and mobility: Dementia, Alzheimer’s or other health conditions may raise an elder’s risk of being abused since the individual may not be capable of explaining or verbalizing the abuse.
  • History of abuse: If the older person was abusive as a parent, there is an increased possibility of elder abuse, specifically if an adult child who was abused by the senior is the primary caregiver.
  • Social isolation: Social isolation sometimes results when a senior loses a spouse or lives at a distance from friends and family, and it can result in the perfect atmosphere for elder abuse. Abusers quite often try to keep older individuals isolated by:
    • Refusing to request economic aid or services
    • Resisting outside help
    • Switching social and healthcare professionals over and over again to make it challenging to evaluate the senior’s health status
    • Controlling contact with the older adult
  • Family caregiver burnout or stress: Stressed caregivers can become frustrated, leading them to lash out at the older adults in their care.

If a loved one is currently being cared for by a family member or other caregiver, be mindful of these risk factors, visit and call as often as possible to appraise the senior’s health, and play an active role in the person’s care.

At San Diego Home Caregivers, we understand how important a senior loved one’s health and safety are, and we always take the necessary steps to ensure we provide the best care. Every member of our senior care team has undergone a comprehensive background check, reference checks, and a personal interview to guarantee they meet our high care standards. Contact us today at (619) 487-9000 to learn more about our San Diego senior home care services.

5 Important Tips for a Parkinson’s Caregiver

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A great deal of older individuals with Parkinson’s disease are provided with the majority of their care at home from loved ones, especially during the early levels of the disease. As Parkinson’s caregivers ourselves, we at San Diego Home Caregivers understand the unique concerns experienced by family members who play the role of a Parkinson’s caregiver, and want you to know you are not alone! Our San Diego home health experts are always here to offer tips and to work with you in making certain your loved one is receiving the best care at all times.

To start, it’s helpful to keep these Parkinson’s-specific tips in mind:

  • Nutrition: A healthy diet helps lessen cell loss in a person with Parkinson’s. Consuming antioxidants, such as those found in blueberries, green tea, spinach, beans, broccoli, and some types of nuts, can help fend off oxidative stress.
  • Chewing and Swallowing: Individuals with Parkinson’s commonly have some level of difficulty with chewing and swallowing. Each person providing care for a loved one with Parkinson’s needs to learn the Heimlich maneuver to be prepared in case the person begins to choke.
  • Fall Prevention: Seniors with Parkinson’s commonly have difficulty with balance and walking, so it’s very important to assess the home surroundings and make alterations to lower the risk of falls. Installing items like customized toilet seats and grab bars where appropriate, and removing obstacles in and around the home is a good place to start.
  • Anxiety/Depression: Minimizing the risk for depression and anxiety is a key component in the battle against Parkinson’s. Keep a close eye on your loved one for indications of depression, and if detected, be sure he or she sees the doctor for assistance as soon as possible.
  • Medications: Parkinson’s treatments may have a wide range of side effects, and can impact the individual in a number of different ways. Some kinds of medicine can cause hallucinations or nightmares, for example. Make sure your loved one’s doctor advises you about any anticipated side effects of medications so you can be prepared.

We invite you to explore our San Diego Home Caregivers’ care services to understand how home care can lead to a better quality of life for both your loved one and the family members who are providing care. By working with our professional La Jolla home care assistance team to help with some of the more routine aspects of caregiving, family members have the chance to spend more quality time together. Contact us online or call us at (619) 487-9000 to learn more about how our care team can help improve quality of life for you and your family. To find out more about the different areas we serve throughout San Diego County, please visit our Communities Served page.

Get in the Know: Questions to Ask when Considering In Home Care


While there are some incredible, measurable results for seniors who utilize home care services, it all boils down to one simple statement: being at home just feels right. It’s where we’ve created our most precious memories, and it’s where we’re the most comfortable. Remaining at home also encourages enhanced independence for seniors, allowing countless opportunities throughout each day to make personal decisions: whether to sleep in or rise early; what to have for lunch, and who to share that lunch with; what activities to engage in, and much more.

When you’ve made the decision to investigate in home care options, the next step is determining which in home care San Diego agency will be the most appropriate fit for your senior loved one. This step is often an overwhelming one. You may find a plethora of in home care providers to choose from, but how do you know which one is best? Because this decision is so important, the team at San Diego Home Caregivers has put together a list of questions to ask when considering in home care options:

  • How long has the agency been serving the community?
  • Does the agency have printed materials explaining services and costs?
  • Does the agency offer a Patient’s Bill of Rights that outlines rights and responsibilities of both the agency and the patient?
  • Does the agency determine a care plan with input from the patient, his or her physician, and family?
  • How closely are caregivers supervised?
  • Will family members be informed of the care their loved ones are receiving?
  • How are caregivers hired and trained? What type of employee screening is done?
  • How does the agency ensure patient confidentiality?
  • How does the agency handle billing?
  • What procedures are in place to handle and resolve conflicts or problems? Who should you call if you have any complaints?

Knowing the answers to these questions will allow you to narrow down your search. And if your senior loved one is in La Jolla or surrounding areas, we hope you’ll consider San Diego Home Caregivers. With our fully trained, experienced, and compassionate caregiving team, you can rest assured that we’ll treat your senior loved one just as we would our own family member. Contact us at (619) 487-9000 to get started with the in home care San Diego and La Jolla seniors deserve!

San Diego Senior Care: The Benefits of Aging in Place


The facts speak for themselves: an overwhelming majority of today’s aging adults would prefer to age in place at home rather than facing a move to a nursing home or assisted living facility. And that’s certainly understandable. The benefits of aging in place are many. Professional home care in La Jolla and surrounding areas allows seniors to experience a continued sense of safety and security in the comfort and familiarity of their own home and community. When frailness and other conditions of aging raise questions about a senior’s ability to remain safely at home, professional home care agencies, like San Diego Home Caregivers, provide a viable solution.

Below are some of the top ways that professional San Diego senior care services can positively impact the lives of seniors:

  1. In general, home care leads to an overall higher satisfaction with life.
  2. Home care services enhance dignity, independence and comfort for seniors.
  3. Home care fosters healing. Research has shown that patients heal faster at home versus a hospital or nursing home setting with a significantly reduced chance of re-hospitalization during recuperation.
  4. Home care supports families, allowing them to stay more involved with their senior loved one’s care.
  5. Home care provides personalized care that meets the unique needs of the family and senior.
  6. Home care services are provided on a one-on-one basis, ensuring more personalized attention than in a nursing home or a facility. Seniors never have to wait their turn when care is needed.
  7. An in-home caregiver can plan and prepare healthy and delicious meals that are appealing to the older individual and can also monitor the amount of food consumed.
  8. An individualized exercise routine can be implemented and followed through, with the additional benefit of a qualified professional being on hand.
  9. The benefits of the familiarity of home are countless, from the ability to relax in a favorite chair to the peace that comes from enjoying a daily cup of tea in a familiar spot, and so much more.
  10. Home caregivers can provide safe, reliable transportation and accompaniment to and from appointments, social activities and outings, running errands, and more, allowing families more free time together as well as enhanced peace of mind.

San Diego Home Caregivers provides individualized home care services that meet each senior’s unique needs, allowing them to remain safe and well, right in the comfort of home. Call us at (619) 487-9000 to learn more about the benefits of aging in place and our home care in La Jolla and surrounding areas.