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Saturday Apr 21, 2018
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Performing Safe Transfers Quiz

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1) Most workplace injuries suffered by nursing assistants are the result of lifting, pulling, pushing, holding, carrying and turning clients.
2) Smoking and being overweight increase your risk of suffering a back injury.
3) Understanding and using good body mechanics can prevent most injuries.
4) It's best to tighten your abdominal muscles and hold your breath during transfers.
5) A client who cannot bear weight or sit unsupported should transfer with:
6) All mechanical lifts are the same. If you can work one - you can work them all.
7) To move a client up in bed alone, all these conditions should be met, EXCEPT:
8) A "No Lift" policy means you have to leave your client in bed all day.
9) Regular exercise, stretching and good posture can help protect you from a serious back injury.
10) Fill in the Blank...
Pull in your muscles and tighten your buttocks at the same time to create a muscle "girdle" that supports your lower back.

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