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Saturday Apr 21, 2018
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Disaster Planning for Caregivers Quiz

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1) A violent storm that develops in the tropics of the Atlantic Ocean between June and November is known as a:
2) Of all the disasters discussed in this inservice, the only one you can help prevent is a(n):
3) Which of the following is a safe place to seek shelter during a tornado?
4) If you receive a call warning you of a bomb in the building, you should:
5) Everyone can benefit from assembling a disaster preparedness kit.
6) Tornados, hurricanes, and winter weather can all be predicted.
7) There is no way to prepare for an earthquake.
8) Even small amounts of radiation are harmful.
9) If you suspect hypothermia, put the person in a hot shower.
10) A disaster preparedness kit should have enough food and water to last 24 hours.

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